Apostle Anita Scott

Senior Leader

    With prayer as her spiritual foundation, Apostle Anita has forged a path as an
apostolic-prophetic watchman and spiritual midwife ) Birth Master ) who
carries the spirit of Deborah whom God has raised up as a general with a
mandate to train, equip and lead His end-time army.
God’s governmental authority is evident in the life of this apostolic-prophetic
pioneer, as she powerfully executes fervent and e%ectual prophetic
intercession and engages in strategic spiritual warfare; pulling down
strongholds and repairing breaches in assigned regions to break open
territories for the manifestation of the Kingdom of God!
She believes God can use anyone no matter the life they have lived..
Apostle Anita Scott is the Pastor ofKingdom Impact Worship Center Ministry
in Phoenix Arizona . She is an authentic general of prayer and Kingdom
intercession who operates pro/ciently in the gifts of the Spirit. She is known
as a kingdom equipper and Legacy leader. She authoritatively tears down
demonic strongholds and structures that holds captives, the burdens, and
the broken, with the anointing to apply Apostolic strategies to a%ect Nations.
She shifts atmospheres in order to facilitate transformation and spiritual
breakthrough in the Supernatural Realm. Her Apostolic prophetic teaching,
seminars and conferences Apostle Scott is unlocking the potential of an
equipped Army of believers who are pressing toward the mark for the prize
of their higher calling in Christ Jesus.

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